Todd Ellis, Owner

Todd grew up in the family business and started working in the shop at age 10.  After college, he went to work for L.G. Ellis Plumbing in 1996. He currently is in charge of the accounting department, the safety program, and purchasing.  He currently holds a Bachelors degree in Fire Protection and Safety Technology from Oklahoma State University, he has continued education in the field of hydronic piping & solar heating.

Lester Falloon, Estimator

Les started his plumbing apprenticeship program through LG Ellis Plumbing in 1996 and graduated at the top of his class with numerous awards.  He has supervised employees on multiple job sites and is currently estimating and trouble shooting field problems, along with assisting on design-build. He has continued education credit in the field of water heating, and has certifications in welding, OSHA and Medical Gas Installation.

Cole Davis, Designer

Cole started his plumbing career at L.G. Ellis in 2004 as an apprentice plumber, later completing education through the UA Local 447 Apprentice Training Program to become a 5th generation journeyman plumber. After a decade spent working in the field, Cole transitioned into design work and now also manages all projects. Additionally, he is the primary resource for code regulations. He is a member of The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

Bill Schmidt, Journey Plumber, Estimator

Bill began his plumbing career in 1997. He joined L.G. Ellis Plumbing in 2006 as a journeyman plumber. Bill was recently the onsite project manager for Innovage, a large scale job with an incentive driven deadline. He is currently scheduling all jobs for the shop as well as assisting with estimating.

L.G. Ellis Plumbing is affiliated with U.A. Local 447 Plumbers, Pipefitters, Refrigeration Fitters and Service Technicians who has served the piping industry in the greater Sacramento region for over 100 years.
Local 447 Apprentices and Journeymen receive the highest level training and education in the industry. The apprentices are required to have 9000 field hours worked and over 1,000 hours of classroom time before they graduate to Journeyman status. The average tenure of our plumbers is 6.8 years with the longest being 23 years.